Our values

As housing directors

As housing directors, we have added value in the entire chain, as well as in each of the links in our 'Design & Build model'. In concrete terms, we help and make life easier for you during:

  • Discovery | Advice or location selection
  • Investigation | Feasibility study or test fit
  • Design & development | Conceptdevelopment & design
  • Offer | Drafting investment budget  
  • Organising & implementing | Project management & build  
  • Operation | Maintenance & service subscriptions 

By choosing Julia,

you are choosing service with a real plus. Clients call these our 6 certainties. We prefer to call them our 6 service promises.

  • Smart
  • Strong
  • Social
  • Sharp
  • Stimulating
  • Smile as a service

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We set great story by the following values

And you can see this in everything we do as a company.


  • Housing directors  
  • Pushing the boundaries
  • Full service supporters  
  • Unconventional
  • In control
  • Impressive