about enthusiastic professionals who complement and strengthen each other

As a director's office

for professional housing projects and issues, we want to be the ones our clients turn to. Now and in the future. This is only possible with a solid cast of enthusiastic professionals who complement and strengthen each other.

Allow us to introduce the personalities of our team to you in person:

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” - Winston Churchill -

Koen Colvoort


Creating a pleasant and beautiful environment   together with a great team of people. This is his driving force.

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Bert Hendriksen

Business manager

Gets a kick out of the versatility that his job demands of him on a daily basis. He likes to keep sight of the overall picture and

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Mennolt Seelemeijer

Head of Projects

Knows how to make the impossible possible. Stays calm and maintains an overview, is solution-orientated and enjoys

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Miriam Poppe

Office Regisseuse

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Esther van Diepen


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Carlijn Groot Zevert


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Elien Kemper

Interior architect

She always takes the function of the space and the perception of the client as a starting point. She tackles everything that is

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Sanne van den Pol

Interior designer

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Mark Hesselink

Junior projectmanager

Doing his bit in the creation and realisation of beautiful projects is what energises Mark. He is always committed to achieving

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Lars Kloen


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Rokus van den Akker

Senior projectmanager / Operational manager

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Tijs ten Bulte

Project manager

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Thijs Dijkerman

Werkvoorbereider recreatie en logistiek

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Lasse Brinkman

Construction manager

Likes every day to be different. Like to solve problems on the spot. Doesn't give up easily, thanks to his tenacious and loyal

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Joeri Brinkman


Wants to learn something new every day  and sees it as a huge challenge to make something beautiful. Is a whiz at making

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Rudy groot Zevert

Furniture manufacturer - Mechanic

Creating distinctive constructions is what he's happiest at. The variety of the different projects enthuses him. His serious

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